Will you be joining COP27?

    Environmentalists are preparing for their annual get-together. Again. The 27th iteration of the UN-sponsored Conferences of the Parties (COP) will be taking place at the beachside resort town of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, this November. The last one in Glasgow (COP26) brought together 120 world "leaders" and over 40,000 disciples.

    Below is a self-test, only partially tongue-in-cheek, to evaluate where you stand on environmentalism, the eco-war. It is designed to assess the probability of you being invited to COP27. You get one point for every time you agree with the item in the left column, i.e., the “in favour” (of eco-war) column. You only get a point when you agree with what is on the left. You get no point for what is right.  


        In favour of eco-war


    1   Degrowth Growth
    2   Environmentalism, i.e., fight fossil energy sources Humanism, i.e., support for 83% of humanity's energy
    3   Fight agriculture revolutions, especially Green Revolution Agriculture revolutions to the benefit of mankind
    4   Renewable and expensive energy, like Germany and California Reliable and cheap energy, like Canada (used to) and South Korea
    5   Nuclear energy ban Nuclear energy renaissance
    6   Biofuels, i.e., governments burning food Thorium, i.e., an option to solve mankind's energy needs forever
    7   Coal ban, i.e., gas imports and support for Russia's economy Fracking, i.e., energy independence and support for one's own economy
    8   Windmills, i.e., support for China's economy Web3, i.e., support for Taiwan's economy
    9   Conservation of the country side and saving fish Hydropower
    10   Lithium batteries for electrification Lithium mining
    11   Direct line to MBS and Maduro Natural-gas pipelines
    12   Misallocation of capital in low energy density sources R&D in high energy density sources
    13   Pal review and misuse of science to fight capitalism Peer review and applied sciences to fight poverty
    14   Paul Ehrlich, population bomb scare, and I=PAT Albert Einstein, nuclear fusion, and E=mc2
    15   Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion  Golden Rice and smooth traffic
    16   Al Gore and ideological "solutions" in the name of saving the planet Norman Borlaug and practical solutions to reduce human misery
    17   COP26 and Prince Charles, i.e., promotion of flying private jets F/A-18 and Tom Cruise, i.e., promotion of flying military jets
    18   Net Zero and burp-catching masks for cows Economic growth and noise-canceling masks for eco-hypocrites
    19   Vegan parenting, i.e., protein-deficitary upbringing of children Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon
    20   Climate anxiety, i.e., instilling fear into society's most vulnerable Free copies of Factfulness in schools
    21   Voluntary human extinction movement (VHEMT) Reproduction
    22   Solar radiation modification (SRM) Stoicism to find inner peace and sound mental health
    23   Organic farming to the benefit of prosperous environmentalists Urea and GMOs to the benefit of everyone else
    24   Millennial socialism and stakeholder "capitalism" Ownership and shareholder capitalism
    25   Concentration of power and central planning Decentralisation of power and central heating
    26   Watermelon green environmental policies and candles Cucumber green environmental policies and LED
    27   Tofu poke bowl with mealworms and house crickets topping Farmed salmon poke bowl with avocado and seedless mango topping
    28   Nicole Kidman eating bugs in WEF-sponsored ad Kim Basinger eating strawberries in MGM-sponsored 9 1/2 weeks
    29   CO2 wallet, i.e., surveillance of movement like in China Carbon bike, i.e., freedom of movement like in Switzerland
    30   Alarmism, pessimism, and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doom) Reason, optimism, and logic
    31   Fridays for future, partially funded by the enemies of the West Research on sun, partially funded by the oil industry
    32   Global cooling and little ice ages Global warming and interglacials
    33   Atmospheric CO2 concentration moving towards threshold of all life Atmospheric CO2 concentration moving away from threshold of all life
    34   Acceptance of avoidable heat deaths to reduce CO2 emissions Air conditioning
    35   The Great Reset and praise for "his excellence" Xi Jinping History class and praise for "Madiba" Nelson Mandela
    36   Transfer of power to unelected supra-national organisations Democracy
    37   Glorification of nature and "sustainable" hunter-gatherer lifestyles Efficient use of scarce natural resources and human civilisation
    38   Sustainable Developement Index which favours Cuba over Norway Human Developement Index which favours Norway over Cuba
    39   Fight to reverse Judeo-Christian societal achievements Scientific revolution, enlightenment, and industrial revolution
    40   Mitigation, i.e., precautionary principle and bureaucratic inertia Adaptation, i.e., applying human ingenuity to problem solving
    41   Computer model simulations by political UN-sponsored entities Intellectual integrity when making forecasts within chaotic systems
    42   IPCC changing history to fit political agenda Evidence of Vikings settling in Greenland during MWP
    43   Michael Mann from Climategate Bjorn Lomborg from Copenhagen
    44   Proclamation the science is settled and human impact is known Science suggesting climate is complex and there is uncertainty
    45   Foolishness, e.g., covering glaciers with blankets Intelligence, e.g., knowledge of natural oscillations of glaciers
    46   Applying "the four horsemen of apocalypse" to scare and control people Education
    47   Dogma, eco-cults, and name-calling opponents as heretics Science, critical thinking and scepticism
    48   Interventionism and subsidies, i.e., disabling poor nations to compete Free markets and competition, i.e., enabling poor nations to compete
    49   Executive green orders and Green New Deal Separation of powers and Greening Earth
    50   Road to serfdom to control climate, environment and (over)population Pursuit of happiness


    How many points out of 50 did you manage? Below a key to assess COP27 invite probabilty. 




    Your "profile"

    > 35   You are a deep ecologist and believe even one billion people are too many. You have no interest in solving problems related to climate risk.
    25-34   You are an eco-warrior and have a what-ever-it-takes attitude to takle climate risk. It's an emergency. Reducing human misery is not part of the plan.
    15-24   You are a Champagne socialist and believe in "climate justice" and that other people's money should be used to make the world a bit more fair.
    5-14   You believe something related to climate change needs to be done but are unsure whether mitigation or adaptation is the way to go.
    < 4   You won't be invited to the COP27 beach & pool extravaganzas in Sharm El Sheikh in November. You will be paying for it.








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